Vintage 1930’s Art Deco Brooch Jewelry Stamping Die


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From a fabulous collection, we obtained several original 1930’s jewelry stamping dies from the estate of the original manufacturer! Each piece we are selling is unique and irreplaceable, a true piece of industrial art. They make fantastic paperweights, desk objects or even bookends for the larger stamping dies.

This piece is made of solid hardened steel and was used for years in the 1930’s to stamp out jewelry findings in their Providence, Rhode Island factory. The Art Deco design on this piece was likely for a brooch. This is one of the larger dies that we have to offer, and it weighs over 12 pounds!

Dimensions: 4.5ʺW × 3.25ʺD × 3.5ʺH
Condition: Excellent
Styles: Art Deco, Industrial